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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
GLOBAL CONNECTIONS LIMITEDGLOBAL CONNECTIONS LIMITEDNew ZealandManagement, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services10M - 100M500 - 7001998We provide overseas expansion consulting, such as mediation of overseas projects and introduction of overseas inspection systems. In addition to providing information on overseas trade, we also engage in the planning and production of web contents.
PUMP POWER LIMITEDPUMP POWER LIMITEDNew ZealandElectric Power Transmission, Control, and Distribution10M - 100M500 - 7001995We supply electricity from power plants and sell electricity to factories and local governments. In addition, it supports a wide range of applications such as solar power generation and small-scale electricity retail. In addition, we perform maintenance and inspection of electrical equipment.
ECOLOGY SYSTEMS LIMITEDECOLOGY SYSTEMS LIMITEDNew ZealandEnvironment, Conservation and Wildlife Organizations10M - 100M500 - 7001992We conduct surveys of telecommunications equipment such as digital terrestrial broadcasting, and environmental surveys such as noise and odors in buildings. We also provide consulting services related to building an environment. In addition, we also undertake environmental assessments, etc.
ORC LIMITEDORC LIMITEDNew ZealandGrantmaking and Giving Services10M - 100M500 - 7002003Holding real estate, buying and selling real estate, and building repairs. It also conducts non-life insurance agency business and group companies.
OAK CONSTRUCTIONOAK CONSTRUCTIONNew Zealand10M - 100M500 - 700From design and construction to maintenance of buildings such as houses, shops, and commercial facilities, they are engaged in renovations of residential and commercial facilities. It also constructs system kitchens for condominiums and general housing.
THE LIGHT HEARTED COMPANY LIMITEDTHE LIGHT HEARTED COMPANY LIMITEDNew ZealandReligious, Grantmaking, Civic, Professional, and Similar Organizations10M - 100M500 - 7001999It operates “Publishes and sells rooibos tea” and “Roibos Tea Dotto Com.” A company that sells books, CDs, DVDs, etc. We also handle mail order on our website.
PATHWAYS TO AUSTRALIA LIMITEDPATHWAYS TO AUSTRALIA LIMITEDNew ZealandGrantmaking and Giving Services10M - 100M500 - 7001992In addition to providing information on soil preservation and environmental conservation, we also undertake transportation of sediment and sand. In addition, we also engage in sales of environmental protection equipment and consulting on construction.
LEADER SYNDICATE LIMITEDLEADER SYNDICATE LIMITEDNew ZealandAdvertising Material Distribution Services10M - 100M500 - 7002002A company that is involved in the distribution of printed materials such as newspaper folding flyers and the distribution of tissues. It also operates a wholesale market for building materials, and produces and distributes mainly newspapers for local governments and construction companies.
CONCLUSION LIMITEDCONCLUSION LIMITEDNew ZealandEducational Support Services10M - 100M500 - 7001995He is engaged in real estate consulting, real estate sales, and financial planning. In addition, he conducts workshops and seminars for women such as fashion and housing, and provides information.
YACHTING PROJECTS LIMITEDYACHTING PROJECTS LIMITEDNew ZealandComputer Systems Design and Related Services10M - 100M500 - 7002000It has a diving school and a tailoring shop, and provides services such as ship rental and boat licenses. In addition to this, the company also operates barbecue boats and other shops. It is also capable of providing services such as yakatabune and dolphin watching.
THE YARD LIMITEDTHE YARD LIMITEDNew ZealandAutomotive Equipment Rental and Leasing10M - 100M500 - 7002003We are engaged in the sale and rental brokerage of real estate such as tenants and parking lots. In addition, we also work on the sale of property and casualty insurance.
BUSINESS KNOWLEDGE LIMITEDBUSINESS KNOWLEDGE LIMITEDNew ZealandProfessional, Scientific, and Technical Services10M - 100M500 - 7001996We provide information on the introduction of systems and support the development of human resources. It also provides support for building business continuity plans, information services using the Internet, and e-books. In addition, he is also engaged in the training of human resources.
SMALL BUT GOODSMALL BUT GOODNew Zealand10M - 100M500 - 700We undertake from design to construction and sale of newly built detached houses. We also construct and sell energy-saving houses such as ZEH housing and solar power generation. In addition, we also provide consulting services such as real estate sales and leasing and management consultations.
SOUTH PACIFIC INFORMATION NETWORK LIMITEDSOUTH PACIFIC INFORMATION NETWORK LIMITEDNew ZealandProfessional, Scientific, Tech. Services10M - 100M500 - 7002000It operates a community FM broadcast “FM Nagoya” and distributes regional information. In addition, he also provides information on the Internet and works on software development.
DYNAMIC BUILDERS LIMITEDDYNAMIC BUILDERS LIMITEDNew ZealandManagement Consulting Services10M - 100M500 - 7002004We provide management consulting for corporations such as cost reduction and business expansion. It is characterized by real estate management consulting that proposes land use. In addition, he also conducts seminars for companies.
PROVINCIAL HOLDING LIMITEDPROVINCIAL HOLDING LIMITEDNew ZealandProfessional and Management Development Training10M - 100M500 - 7001969Contract management of real estate and housing, and support business revitalization. It also conducts asset management services for companies and group companies. In addition, seminars will be held.
UNITED SECURITY FINANCE LIMITEDUNITED SECURITY FINANCE LIMITEDNew ZealandConsumer Lending10M - 100M500 - 7002003A company that provides loans and guarantees for individuals, corporations, and business owners. It also deals with real estate collateral that lends real estate such as land and buildings as collateral. In addition to real estate secured loans, we also provide guarantee services such as bill discounts and commercial bill discounts. It also provides financial consulting services.
SECURITY SPECIALISTS LIMITEDSECURITY SPECIALISTS LIMITEDNew ZealandManagement, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services10M - 100M500 - 7001989Mainly engaged in the sale of crime prevention equipment and disaster prevention equipment, as well as consulting on crime prevention. In addition to providing security for offices, shops, and houses, it also undertakes a home security business for individuals.
QUALITY DEVELOPMENTS LIMITEDQUALITY DEVELOPMENTS LIMITEDNew ZealandSoftware Publishers10M - 100M500 - 7001998Engage in the development, sale, and implementation consulting of computer software. It also handles information processing and information provision services and software sales. In addition, we will also develop management consulting such as market research.
SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT LIMITEDSCHOOL DEVELOPMENT LIMITEDNew ZealandOther Schools and Instruction10M - 100M500 - 7002004Operates a comprehensive cram school for elementary, middle and high school students. It supports small group guidance and individual guidance, and is characterized by having a self-study room. A broadband prep school is also set up for high school students.