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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
Fortune Manufacturing Co., LimitedFortune Manufacturing Co., LimitedHong KongMarketing Consulting Services2016A company that develops consulting business and human resource development business with its main focus on the development of publishing and beauty business. In the publishing business, he works on fortune-telling such as books and tarot cards, and in the beauty business, we also manage beauty salons.
London CloudLondon CloudSouth KoreaInstruments and Related Products Manufacturing for Measuring, Displaying, and Controlling Industrial Process Variables< 1MWe are engaged in the development and sale of computer software. We also provide information services using the Internet and telephone, and support the opening of business systems. In addition, we also undertake the manufacture and inspection of measuring instruments.
SM&T CO., LTDSM&T CO., LTDMyanmar33 - Primary Metal, Fabricated Metal Products, Machinery, Computer & Electronic Products, Electrical Equipment, Appliance, & Component, Transportation Equipment, Furniture & Related Products, Miscellaneous< 1M<= 1002019Mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of textiles. In addition to dealing with trade, it also provides information on prototyping and logistics management of textiles.
FIGURE IT LIMITEDFIGURE IT LIMITEDNew ZealandSale Builders< 1M<= 1002012Invoke input operations such as rosters, business cards, and questionnaires, and the creation of transcriptions, and so on. He also handles planning, manufacturing, and sales of figures and goods.
MANUFACTURING DEVELOPMENT AND CONSULTING LIMITEDMANUFACTURING DEVELOPMENT AND CONSULTING LIMITEDNew ZealandScientific Research and Development Services< 1M<= 1002007Consulting for corporate organizations such as marketing, product development, and human resource development. We also provide management consulting services such as business strategy and organizational reform. In addition, we also respond to consultations on the operation of restaurants.
NEW GREEN INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.NEW GREEN INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD.South KoreaSocial Advocacy Organizations< 1MA company that uses the properties of soil generated in the production process of building materials to provide environmentally friendly materials. We are also working on rooftop greening and wall greening.
Astrazeneca Korea Ltd.Astrazeneca Korea Ltd.South KoreaProfessional, Scientific, Tech. Services> 100MWe conduct research and development mainly in the field of bioinformatics. We undertake research and development of antibody drugs, vaccines, biopharmaceuticals, and so on. He also provides contract services for research and development through joint development with universities and public-private research institutions. Astrazeneca, a global biopharmaceutical company Astrazeneca <br> Astrazeneca, a global biopharmaceutical company Astrazeneca <br>Astrazeneca, a global biopharmaceutical company
GATES ASIA, INC.GATES ASIA, INC.Philippines33 - Primary Metal, Fabricated Metal Products, Machinery, Computer & Electronic Products, Electrical Equipment, Appliance, & Component, Transportation Equipment, Furniture & Related Products, Miscellaneous> 100M> 700Manufacturing and import/export of building materials such as H-type steel, steel, and wood. In addition, he also provides real estate consulting and information services.
Thermal Industrial IndonesiaThermal Industrial IndonesiaIndonesiaUtilities< 1M<= 1002017Design, manufacture, and after-sales service of industrial machinery. He also handles cargo storage at large warehouses and consulting services related to warehousing. We are also engaged in biomass power generation businesses that generate electricity and gas.
CONG TY TNHH THUONG MAI DICH VU VAN TAI KHOI NGUYENCONG TY TNHH THUONG MAI DICH VU VAN TAI KHOI NGUYENVietnamConstruction< 1M<= 1002017We provide services such as installation, operation and maintenance of equipment, network construction and web production. In the sewing business, we manufacture and sell original products with a focus on non-woven fabrics. In addition, we undertake plastic processing and manufacturing of miscellaneous goods.
POMETIC Inc.POMETIC Inc.South KoreaJewelry, Luggage, and Leather Goods Stores< 1MManufacture and wholesale chemical products, such as adhesives and paints. He also handles dyeing, blending, and packaging of textile products. In addition, it deals with the manufacture and wholesale of industrial chemicals.
Kun Lun Company LimitedKun Lun Company LimitedHong KongOther General Purpose Machinery Manufacturing2009A company that processes and manufactures twine and twisting of various fibers. In addition, he also sells alcoholic beverages as a distributor of group companies.
SMOOTH LIFE COMPANY LIMITEDSMOOTH LIFE COMPANY LIMITEDMyanmar45 - Sporting Goods, Musical Instruments, Books, General Merchandise, Miscellaneous, Nonstore Retailers5M - 10M300 - 5002006A company that mainly conducts business management of convenience stores and coffee shops. As a group company, we are developing a wide range of businesses, such as manufacturing and selling lifestyle-related products at home centers.
ALTERNATIVES FOOD CORP.ALTERNATIVES FOOD CORP.Philippines31 - Food, Beverage, Tobacco, Apparel, Leather, & Allied Products, Textile Mills, Textile Product Mills> 100M> 700Our main business is the development, manufacture and sale of cooked canned food retort pouch “Kumitasui Nishiki”. We also undertake consulting services such as menu development and facility management regarding instant noodles. Alternatives Food Corporation, Alternatives Food Corporation of Pasig City specializes in business for Pasig City
WELL INDUSTRIAL CO.WELL INDUSTRIAL CO.South KoreaOther General Purpose Machinery Manufacturing1M - 5MWe are engaged in the processing of fibers used in industrial machinery and the manufacture of building materials. In addition, we are also able to repair plant production facilities in-house.
Daily Ford Development LimitedDaily Ford Development LimitedHong KongReligious, Grantmaking, Civic, Professional, and Similar Organizations1991Mainly engaged in the sale of land and buildings, rental management, and the manufacture of machinery and equipment related to civil engineering and construction business. In addition, he manages group companies, etc., as well as land development projects.
Jangsu FoodJangsu FoodSouth KoreaSales Financing< 1MA company that develops and sells its own products, such as processed foods and beverage sales, mainly for school lunches. In addition to selling food for business use, we also conduct consignment manufacturing of private brand products. We also handle alcoholic beverages.
Tri-Systems Company LimitedTri-Systems Company LimitedHong KongProfessional, Scientific, Tech. Services1987A company that conducts system design, development, maintenance and operation using various languages such as Linux, UNIX, and Windows. We have a track record of developing systems for manufacturing and distribution and mobile phone applications.
NIOLIN COMLNIOLIN COMLPhilippines32 - Paper, Printing & Related Support Activities, Petroleum & Coal Products, Chemical, Plastics & Rubber Products, Nonmetallic Mineral Products> 100M> 700A company that manufactures and processes chemical products such as building materials, civil engineering materials, and agricultural materials. As a group company, we also manufacture resin raw materials, glass products, and chemical products.
EPRACTICES PTE. LTD.EPRACTICES PTE. LTD.Singapore32 - Paper, Printing & Related Support Activities, Petroleum & Coal Products, Chemical, Plastics & Rubber Products, Nonmetallic Mineral Products10M - 100M500 - 7001998He is mainly engaged in the sale of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and sanitary materials. As another business, we also undertake disinfection and cleaning of buildings.