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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
CY CONSTRUCTIONCY CONSTRUCTIONBruneiConstructionPerform construction management at construction sites of buildings and condominiums. At the construction site, he worked on foundation work and installation of insulation materials.
C & S PRO ENTERPRISEC & S PRO ENTERPRISEBruneiFinance and InsuranceInformation provision services and trade know-how related to funds such as real estate. He also manages companies and invests in venture companies.
LIVING SPACE GALLERYLIVING SPACE GALLERYBrunei33 - Primary Metal, Fabricated Metal Products, Machinery, Computer & Electronic Products, Electrical Equipment, Appliance, & Component, Transportation Equipment, Furniture & Related Products, MiscellaneousHe manages and operates “Gallery Tokai”, which has exhibitions such as art, ceramics, and contemporary art. They can also be used for exhibitions to visit the gallery. In addition, he also works on the planning and management of exhibitions and the production of commercial spaces.
REAL GLOBAL PROPERTIES SDN BHDREAL GLOBAL PROPERTIES SDN BHDBruneiFinance and InsuranceEngines consulting on real estate and finance. It also conducts corporate management and investment business. In addition, he also undertakes the sale and brokerage of real estate, rental, and management of real estate.
COLGATECOLGATEBrunei< 1M<= 100It is a company that provides video content related to medical and nursing care to suppliers and users of hospitals and facilities. It also serves as a place for exchange between patients and doctors, and for each business trip, we respond to requests for lectures and seminars.
DSTDSTBrunei5M - 10M300 - 500We plan, develop, and sell game software for smartphones and home game consoles. In addition, he also produces movies and TV commercials. In addition, we also undertake operations related to the development of social games.
CAPITAL SPORTS AND EVENT MANAGEMENT SDN BHDCAPITAL SPORTS AND EVENT MANAGEMENT SDN BHDBruneiProfessional, Scientific, Tech. ServicesA company that organizes, manages, and instructs outdoor activities such as camping and mountaineering. We are also focusing on the development of next-generation leaders, such as building a self-sustaining clubhouse.
ESOFIA ENTERPRISEESOFIA ENTERPRISEBrunei48 - Air, Rail, Water, Truck, Transit & Ground Passenger, Pipeline, Scenic/Sightseeing, & Support ActivitiesIn addition to the general freight transport business, he engages in charter transportation, warehouse management, and collection and delivery of logistics information.
RAY ENTERPRISERAY ENTERPRISEBrunei33 - Primary Metal, Fabricated Metal Products, Machinery, Computer & Electronic Products, Electrical Equipment, Appliance, & Component, Transportation Equipment, Furniture & Related Products, MiscellaneousWe carry out mail-order sales of aerosol products and miscellaneous goods, and also undertake the assembly and installation of industrial machinery. In addition, he also sells non-life insurance.
BATTLE ALLIANCE COBATTLE ALLIANCE COBruneiInformationMainly engaged in real estate leasing, buying and selling and brokerage of real estate. In addition, the company also manages its own buildings and sells group products by mail order. In addition, we also undertake non-life insurance agency business and automobile maintenance business.
CAFE 55CAFE 55Brunei44 - Motor Vehicle & Parts Dealers, Furniture, Electronics/Appliances, Building Material, Garden Supplies, Food, Beverages, Health Care, Gas StationsThe company operates a manga cafe “Crescent”. In addition to coffee, it also operates restaurants such as bars and izakaya.
CONVERGE CONSTRUCTION SERVICESCONVERGE CONSTRUCTION SERVICESBruneiConstructionPerform a set of civil engineering works such as road pavement work, pit and earthwork, and formwork work. In addition to transporting vehicles and heavy equipment, he is also involved in the transportation business of general cargo. In addition, we are engaged in sales and support of self-developed systems for small and medium-sized enterprises.
B.LUXE ENTERPRISEB.LUXE ENTERPRISEBrunei31 - Food, Beverage, Tobacco, Apparel, Leather, & Allied Products, Textile Mills, Textile Product MillsWe are engaged in a wide range of business related to logistics, such as equipment assembly in the factory, shipping and automobile transportation. It also processes and manufactures chemical fibers and sells them.
A B CONSTRUCTIONA B CONSTRUCTIONBruneiConstructionHe is engaged in renovations of public facilities such as schools, condominiums, and government offices. In addition, we will undertake the renovation work of the site and the exterior. In addition, it also supports interior construction, painting work, and landscaping work.
LYNCH STORELYNCH STOREBrunei45 - Sporting Goods, Musical Instruments, Books, General Merchandise, Miscellaneous, Nonstore RetailersIt is a company that operates as a franchise of clothing stores. In addition to clothing, we also sell household goods and tools.
LAUNDRY HOMELAUNDRY HOMEBruneiReal Estate, Rental, LeasingWe are developing a coin laundry business. In addition, we undertake tasks such as organizing belongings, cleaning up garbage, and moving and weeding work. In addition, he is also in the process of renting apartments.
ASIAN SYSTEM & TECHNOLOGIESASIAN SYSTEM & TECHNOLOGIESBruneiProfessional, Scientific, Tech. ServicesA company that provides IT related consulting services such as business analysis and system construction in various industries. It also provides support for IT human resource development. In addition, we also undertake consulting for IT introduction.
AM SAVOURYAM SAVOURYBruneiInformationConduct real estate business, such as brokerage for leasing and buying and selling real estate. It also conducts staffing to logistics operations such as delivery and sales of alcoholic beverages. It also supports mail order.
BRIGHT LINK EMPLOYMENT AGENCYBRIGHT LINK EMPLOYMENT AGENCYBruneiAdministrative, Support, Waste Mgmt., Remediation ServicesProvide employment opportunities to persons with disabilities who are difficult to be employed by general companies due to disability. It is characterized by the fact that it takes the form of concluding an employment contract with the employer. In addition, in cooperation with partner companies, we are engaged in support work for people with disabilities to improve their employment.
AV ELECTRONICSAV ELECTRONICSBrunei< 1M<= 100As a docomo shop, we sell mobile phones and Internet lines. In addition, we also develop storage agency services and mail order sales.